If you are interested in Natural History museum, you can visited the History Museum in Lille.

It is surprising to see a lot of animals dead or in alive. The insects alive are very big: spiders, mants, scarbs and criquets. These animals are upsetting.

Then it’s possible to see the mamals stuffed. for exemple, there are bears, tigers, lions, zebers, lynx, boars and many others.

I invite you to visiting this museum and Lille is a very nice townClin doeilmuseelille.jpg    

If you are interested in the crim, in the sea monsters or in the space, you can go to Paris in the city of the sciences.


In first you can visit an exhibition about the crim: the museum ‘s manager is dead, you are the inspector and you have to take the inquiry.



Secondly, for the sea monsters you watch a film in 3D in the « GEODE », that is cool to see the monsters next to you.


Finally,the exhibition about the space is interresting because we see rockets and Mars rock . Also it is possible to discover  photos of  planets (Sun system).